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King's Academy Dance Program

King's Academy Dance Program: About


King's Academy's dance program:

  • Promotes the body as an important pathway for students to connect with themselves, their surroundings, and each other.
  • Supports the development of unique artistic voices within a diverse and inclusive school community.

  • Connects with the local context by grounding in regional cultural traditions, especially dabke, by engaging with Amman’s contemporary arts scene, and by reaching across social and economic divisions in Jordan’s youth.

  • Aspires towards meaningful relationships with artists in minority communities as well as artists from beyond the West to strive for a more balanced connection with the world.

King's Academy Dance Program: Text


King's Academy is a coeducational boarding high school based in Madaba, Jordan. The dance program was established in 2007 by Ryuji Yamaguchi. While the program focuses on contemporary dance and dabke (Arab folk dance), with a strong emphasis on student choreography, students are also exposed to Hip Hop dance and other dance forms. Students have the option of enrolling in dance classes for academic credit, participating in the co-curricular program after school, and engaging in dance in an extracurricular capacity. In addition to the semi-annual dance concerts on campus, students have the opportunity to connect with dancers in Amman through Midan projects.

King's Academy Dance Program: Text
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King's Academy Dance Program: Text
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