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Midan: Amman Dance Lab

Midan supports dance education and community in Amman

Midan: Amman Dance Lab: About

Our Mission

Midan: Amman Dance Lab is a Jordanian contemporary dance company founded in Amman in 2007. Midan is the Arabic word for a public square in a city or town. We aim to be a figurative meeting ground for dance in Amman by facilitating collaboration, experimentation, and innovation in our diverse community. As a creative company, we conceive and produce provocative dance works that resonate with both the local and international audience. Our artistic projects, training programs, and community events address issues of unequal access and opportunity to dance in Amman, and deliberately cross boundaries of dance style, geographic area, language, and socioeconomic class to build towards a more inclusive community. 

Midan: Amman Dance Lab: About

Amman Dance Lab

Amman Dance Lab is an ongoing workshops series featuring local and international dance artists. Past workshop leaders include Yoshiko Chuma (USA/Japan), Ariane Bernier (Canada), Mario Vircha (Costa Rica), Alex Miklósy (Hungary), Rashmi Yeolekar (India), Imran Syafiq (Malaysia), along with many talented local artists such as Alaeddin Rahmeh, Talin Haribidyan, Sara Alamad, and Cynthia Tokajian. All workshops include Arabic/English interpreter and a sliding-scale fee.

Midan: Amman Dance Lab: About

Jordan Youth Dance Exchange

Jordan Youth Dance Exchange (JYDX) brings together young dancers in Jordan. Through an annual conference and ongoing workshops, JYDX connects and educates Jordan's youth to build future leaders of the dance field. 


King's Academy

National Center for Culture and Arts

Amman Dance Platform

Wa'ad Youth Organization

Midan: Amman Dance Lab: About

Weekly Dance Classes

Midan offers weekly classes at the French Institute to provide a solid foundation of dance training. Classes are taught by Ryuji Yamaguchi, include an Arabic/English interpreter and a sliding-scale fee.

Midan: Amman Dance Lab: About
Midan: Amman Dance Lab: Text
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